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Post-Hoc Concept Bottleneck Models

Human vs machine decision-making Neural networks are powerful tools, but

Recently in AI | April 2024

In the fast-growing area of artificial intelligence, new and important

High-Resolution Video Synthesis with Latent Diffusion Models

Introduction Generative models have made remarkable progress in recent years,

Catmull-Clark's algorithm

Meshes Meshes are massively used in 3D modelling for animation

Face aging with Identity-preserved CGANs.

Paper :

LRM : Large Reconstruction Model for Single Image to 3D

In the realm of computer vision and 3D modeling, recent

Depth Anything

Unleashing the Power of Large-Scale Unlabeled Data Lihe Yang et

Filters for edge detection

In image processing, edge detection filters stand as indispensable tools,

Unveiling SAM: Revolutionizing Image Segmentation with the Segment Anything Model

In the dynamic landscape of computer vision, the ability to

Data Augmentation in Classification and Segmentation: A Survey and New Strategies

In computer vision, deep learning models have proven instrumental in