Milad Mozafari

Recently in AI | April 2024

In the fast-growing area of artificial intelligence, new and important

How AI Reshapes Inverse Problems in Imaging

Pierre WEISS PhD, CNRS Researcher, CBI – CNRS March 14th, 2024

Computational Protein Design with Automated Reasoning and Deep Learning

Marianne DEFRESNE PhD, AI Scientist at Torus AI February 8th,

Recently in AI | Jan 2024

In the rapidly advancing realm of artificial intelligence, recent groundbreaking

A Brain-Inspired Reinforcement Learning Mechanism for Pattern Recognition

Milad MOZAFARI PhD, Research Scientist at Torus AI November 23rd,

Main Challenges for Machine Learning in Critical Systems

Grégory FLANDIN PhD, Program Director at IRT Saint Exupéry November

Statistical Modeling and Analysis of Radio-Induced Adverse Effects Based on In Vitro Data

Polina ARSENTEVA PhD Student, Université de Bourgogne October 26th, 2023,

Machine Learning in Satellite Imagery

Valentina DISARLO PhD, Postdoct at Universitaet Heidelberg September 28th, 2023,

Gradient Strikes Back: How Filtering Out High Frequencies Improves Explanations

Sabine MUZELLEC PhD Student, CerCo – CNRS, Toulouse September 14th, 2023,

A Mazing Transformer

Transformers, as initially introduced by Vaswani et al. in the